Would this be packed in silicone concentrate container? Received unmarked package, partial shipment.
Ive ordered concentrate & Sass, what I rec’d looks like crumble. No aroma (?)


  • Purchased some months
    ago. Came in a small baggie Couple of crystals and a small amount like sand.

  • @ClayDog agreed with good2go, comes In small bag usually. Most concentrates come in the small containers. Other point is to weight it unless you ordered the same qty of both. SASS is very much like large chunks of salt.

  • Thanks for info. It’s frustrating the shipper does not ident what it is.
    Other half of partial shipment arrives today, guess it will be solved then.

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    I'll ask the crew to label. Sass should look like clear crystals and sand. Concentrate is yellow. I don't think we're using silicone anymore because of some health issues so you must have made an order with another shipper. You should get your medicine from the MM crew soon.

  • I ordered from you dude.
    SilverSkunk, delivered in a blue silicone container. Unmarked.
    Will keep a lookout for the other

  • @ClayDog according to the inventory on hand silver skunk is not from @MerlinsMagic. It is shown In the inventory from @HappyTrees.
    May want to try them, since it appears Merlin is correct and did not provide that.

  • DOH!
    Ok, I stand corrected….I ordered from MedicineMan. I understand the order may be fulfilled by various sources.
    Boy is my face red….thanks to all for your help.

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