Lilac Mint Sample Review

Got a 1 gram bud sample from Merlin, thanks bud!
Bag Appeal, looks phenomenal! Smells a like like flowers at first, but break it up and there's the earthy, woody aroma I love. Buds were very nice, very nicely glistening with trichomes

Taste: I'd say mainly the earthiness dominates, but that's alright with me. Some mint, but maybe I was missing that.

Effects: calming, relaxing without too much sedation or sleepiness. Pretty effective medicine if I say so myself

Overall: I had to look this up, thought it was indoor or premium, but seems to be greenhouse. I'm jumping all over this sh*t!!

9/10 (10/10 for the price!)

Also great strains I've had that are listed for Merlin:
Chimera - Dank!! Really top notch, shocked this was greenhouse
Rainbow Sherbet: amazing all around. Great effective, middle budget
Chocolatina- probably one of my more favorite strains I've had. Complex flavor, terpenes are crazy in this!

Pre Rolls - any of them! Black jack kicked my ass! Seriously some damn fine smoke

I'm going to keep trying to review the stuff I get. Not the best with words, but love top notch flower. We need more reviews folks!!


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