Vape novice

Looking to get some vape carts for the first time. I've been vaping dry flower for a few years but looking for a more easy and stealthy method for on trips or when the in laws are over. Distillate vs live sauce????? Is the battery that merlin sells any good or should I get something better? Are the disposables all trash?
Appreciate any thoughts!


  • Live Sauce can have a little more flavor.
    Our batteries are basic but work.
    Look for some new foolproof disposables coming out soon.

    The high is different than flower, be aware. it's lighter and more heady

  • @MerlinsMagic hey i see the new live resin vapes from jungle boys. Are they actually 2 grams? Looking at them online it looks like they only make a 1 gram version. Are you going to get more strains of that brand?

  • @RandomGuy
    Yes they are actually 2g. Its actually from the company, terps and all are legit. I'm working on getting more strains right now. Taking a break to read reviews, but look for (or order whats there and request a sub if you can't wait)

    Strains will include:

    Legend Og, Motorbreath, SFV x TK, Jelly Donuts, Coma, Puro Loco, Nitro Fumez, Mac, Chocolate Chips and more

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    Will be curious to see the reviews on these. Skeptical for now since all packaging info has the same UID, batch, and pack date. Also the listed Phone # isn't affiliated with JB from my quick google. I'll buy flower here all day but finding legit vapes seems to be a needle in a haystack.

  • Can @MerlinsMagic confirm if the new JB vapes in both rosin and live resin are legit from Jungle Boys or a legit dispo?

  • Jungle Boys offers a serial number verification here:

    In addition all of their packaging including vapes should include CannVerify as outlined here:

  • @superman38NC couldn’t agree more! It’s so frustrating wasting money on them hoping they’re actually gonna be legit

  • I occasionally use vapes. The 3 gram cakes offered a couple of months ago were good. And not expensive. I was pleasantly surprised.

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