Girl Scout Cookies from Loud

One word: awesome!

This latest offering of GSC is great, it does not disappoint.

This GSC has a very strong skunk smell. I have to step out on the back porch in order not to stink up the whole house. The buzz comes on quick and smooth, like pulling up a warm blanket on a cold evening. Once high, the pain and stress all goes away. So does my ability to get anything done, except watch the Fallout series over and over, or play a video game.

The munchie attack is very strong for me. I've gained 2 pounds already. :smile: The buzz goes on and on, time flies, and a large roach remains for later when you get to do it all over again.

Highly recommended (pun intended). Well done @LoudnCo!


  • Thank you for your review! Glad you're having an amazing time with GSC:)

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    The latest batch was ⛽️ @justaguy thx! I ordered 4/20 based on your recommendation. My fav pheno of GSC. Aroma is between Sunset Sherbert and Durban imo. I could smell it all day! Smoke is even better. Burns so smooth and tasty! Effects are strong but very calming/chill. My kind of all day smoke 💨 If this returns I'm grabbing more @LoudnCo fantastic job to the grower!

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