Galactic Nugs - Ultra Premium from Loud

I treated myself to 2g. of the ultra nugs, and all I can say is "WOW!!!" So, I will.


I don't know the strain used to create this, but I would hazard a guess that it is Durban, or another stand up sativa. Even if it isn't, it got me up and off my butt. Dang, after only a couple hits from my pipe, I got up and I washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, swept up around the house, took out the trash, played with the grandkids, and finally came in here to take another hit while I let y'all know about this.

I mean, I had to do that stuff anyway, but now it is much easier to get done. There is no lag. :smile:

Not harsh at all, so far no cotton mouth or munchies, just a clear headed buzz and a feel great outlook on life in general.

Well worth the price. Nice, @LoudnCo, very nice.


  • Hey, thanks for your review. We're glad that our holistic medicine makes things easier for people like yourself. Enjoy!

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