Jungle Boy 2g disposable vapes.

Just ordered a few of these. I know this has been gone over. Can anyone confirm that they are actually 2g? The chamber looks smaller like a 1g vs the 2g ones that I found pics of online. Sorry if this is repetitive. I usually buy the 1g refills and add them to a cart. $90 for a 2g disposable seems like a deal. The carts are 🔥 though


  • Got my gf one a while back when they first got on the site the one I got for her wasn't filled all the way but the quality was up to my expectations and it lasted like any other 2g cart would

  • Thanks man, the quality is definitely great. Just not sure it’s worth double the price of the refills.

  • how does one inhale? I got a 2g cart. charged it overnight. took the top off. I cannot inhale anything ....?

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    @AnnsS you got the message in the other thread right? A blow dryer with some heat will unclog and get it ready for action.

    As far as I can tell the are definitely 2g. The machinery costs and filling costs so if you have a nice vape already then there no real reason to go for it other than style, new taste, and convenience.

    @sadisticking @Kevotootall

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