Badder - Sour Alien OG --- Holy Sh*t Review!

A little synopsis...Just got back into concentrates and had some misses until I got my oh so grateful hands on this Badder!

Taste is just beyond belief, like the best I've ever had from a concentrate.
Effects - very calming, downright relaxing for someone who cannot sit still. Not much drowsiness.
Appearance: exactly as shown on the menu, just pristine product
It's Summer, so how does it hold to the heat? Perfection! Definitely good for hot weather shipping, I recall shatter changing consistency and texture, but not this
Also note: this stuff rips on my little $100 portable rig, unlike other concentrates which requires a higher temp. This is most likely why this is a straight 10/10 for me!
Merlin - like always, you know you schtuff! Amazing offering and thanks!


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