I've made three orders so far, two from Loud and one from MM. Both Loud orders arrived in four days, the MM order six days. Everything double sealed with care and nicely labeled. Everything has been great and honestly exceeded my expectations. I'm blown away by you guys and can't thank you enough... The amount of effort that goes into this and how kind and helpful you guys are really shows how much you care. Cheers


  • Always nice to hear!

  • I'd like to second that emotion. I had to learn the hard way that there are some pretty elaborate scams working out there. Getting scammed led me to this place, so I guess that was my path. Great product and great service! che tu possa avere cento anni

  • Hey Ant123, same here! Nice to meet ya.

  • Been a few years now. let’s summarize.

    -Product Always exactly as described.
    -weight or quantity always over.
    -Delivery time, Never more than 5 consecutive days even through holidays and site issues.
    -drastic improvement in quality of life.
    -full disclosure they did make a mistake once. They accidentally included an extra half o! :smiley:
    -I forgave them. :smiley:

  • +1 on everything above. These folks are a far cry from what I've gotten used to after 20-something years of procuring it in Texas. I'm grateful those days are over.

  • Been visiting MM for 5 years. I would like to give the site an A+on quality and shipping. I agree with all the quality reports above.

  • I arrived here after fiddling around with the on line concept for well over a year. All appeared legit, and so I set up a bit coin vendor and took the slight risk of ordering the sample...whala! True to their word.

    Very pleased with the consistency in results, communication, only ever had one issue, which was a bit coin delay, which was seamlessly resolved by the guys!

    Descriptions and expectations always spot on!

    Thanks so much for the anxiety relief...this is self care I can get down with and thrive from!

  • I’ve been using this site since September 2014. It has only gotten better. Thanks medicine people!

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