A thank you to MedMan

I have used MedMan's service for over 3 years (I remember when they used to have psychedelics like shrooms and acid and that was ahile ago!) however I just recently discovered this forum as I always use a bookmarked shortcut and therefore never saw this on the browser. The site going down this weekend briefly led me to discover this Discussion Forum for Medicineman.is which I was psyched to see. Given the fact that I'm new to the forum but a long-time customer of MM I wanted to take the opportunity to send a thank you to MedMan, MedBoy, MedMama, Loud & Co., and everyone else involved in providing this service; the quality is always there, you deliver quickly, the selection is better than the dispensary stores here on the east coast and always getting better, and if something isn't right or you don't get your package they always fix it. You guys do a fantastic job and I'm sure you get a lot of letters like this, but I wanted to add mine as well- thank you.
JJ in NH aka "CapnChronic" ;-)


  • Thanks appreciate the shoutout! :-)

  • Hey just want to say you guys rock! Just placed my order of Fruit Shu, not familiar with the strain but have never gotten anything from you that was not top shelf. Can't wait to try it out. Any info on that strain?

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