Anybody got their orders yet?

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Since the crash, people have been saying they haven't received delivery notifications yet. Want to order as soon as it comes back to normal.



  • JTJaxon Medboy gave us an update yesterday warning us about a very snowy situation were loud is and they are getting orders out but do not if usps is getting out .

  • just received my post crash package from L&C
    east coast

  • Just got mine from med mama. Ordered on the 15th.

  • Appreciate the responses!

  • got my loud and companyToday!! order placed the 14th right after the site was back up.

  • Got mine today from LC. Order placed 1/16

  • I have been waiting on a order since the 12th ,,I had my order personally confirmed by Medboy tracking or anything yet..medicine mama i been told to wait 15 days..this is the 3 time in the last 12 months .I have severe PTSD and waiting a month almost 3 times a year sucks..this has happen with both could give, your want to be lifer customers alittle better respect...i have never magical got a order, if i haven got tracking info in 7 days..No disrespect( I love you guys)...but i had to say this out got people whos well being and lifes depend on your service..

  • I did not receive tracking and once i got it i tracked it and loud shipped the day after i ordered the holiday and weekend is what slowed mine.

  • Steeldude are you sure if my memory serves me correct the site was down the 11th thru 13th and back up on the 14th

  • @Steeldude i feel your pain I have a missing order from med mama from 01/09 was just able to report missing and then it will take another 2 weeks to sort it out. That is the 1 downside to their system. If the order has not been received in 10 days we should not have to wait another 10 days for you guys to sort out internally.
    It just sucks

  • That’s what they say after you’ve waited your 10 days give it another 5 days.
    With the tracking it should be no you didn’t receive it we will ship another or refund immediately

  • Yea,I had a order made up befor the site went down, to pay..I just payed it on the 12th ..I had no idea the site was down and payed it..medboy, had to manual do a confirmation ...the system didn't send me one.. I have received your payment emails..he said no worries I got your order....well it just makes me mad ,that the next email was.... you have to wait 15 days again.. this was the 3rd time for me ,this year..just to restart the who order process again...I spend a chunk of money every month ..I need my meds !..I am certifiably sick and gave up all pain meds ect.. years ago for this Flower I am sick as hell and really need a medicineman..

  • yep. ordered on 1/7, but of course coinbase didn't send it for 72 hours (what a disaster) on 1/12 medboy said we let it go through anyway even though it was technically cancelled because they have a 72 hour window for payment after receiving confirmation with a wallet ID. Coinbase made me miss the window by 23 minutes. Flash forward to today, 1/22, still nothing showing in informed delivery. On 1/15 I asked medboy when it would be shipped and they told me i have to wait 2 weeks before asking. Meanwhile, the pain is way out there - functioning in daily life is hard. Now I don't know when I can ask - the day I ordered it or the day they received the bitcoin, or they day they acknowledged receiving it telling me I missed the window. I wish it were legal in every state already. I'd still buy from medicineman because they've been upfront and honest all the way but hopefully we'd be able to get rid of the bitcoin part.

  • I suggest switching to coinmoma very easy and no wait time Bitcoin is atomitic with debit card . Very good site never had a problem also you can send coins straight to the site for your order and not transfer to a different wallet

  • @Winston Don't like the idea of sending them personal documents like government-issued ID though. I don't know, maybe I'm just paranoid. Is a good chunk of people using this way anyway?

  • I think USPS Over night priority Express should be an option in a situation like
    Steeldude is experiencing.
    It's like $25/$47 (depending on shipping distance) for a padded envelope,
    weighing 8oz. or less.
    I'd be ok with paying $47 minus the $5 you already pay for shipping, to help make sure I'd get my meds in an expedited fashion (only as a result of a major shipping error, not on a regular basis of course). And maybe a nice little discount on my next order.
    I went through the same thing in early October after placing a "manual" order through the contact page, when there was a Bitcoin payment problem. That order slipped through the cracks, somehow.

  • @steeldude I see you have had this problem before as well.
    and I get it things happen but they have to improve the process after you have waited your 10 business days. You can see my other post but in short what I got from MB on my missing order was the tracking # that I provided to him and now I am waiting again.
    2oz of medicine is quite a bit of money to have out on the line for a month.
    But they have the upper hand in the situation. That's why I am glad this forum is here so we can all see whats going on.

  • no offense but I can’t see how MM is to blame if the USPS loses the package . I guess we can all go back to waiting in some alley with the car running hoping we’re not getting ditch weed , just saying .

  • I remember those days and thats why i became a MM customer...Its been 11 days and no package from medicine mama,this is why i am pissed,here is a copy of my email to medboy on the 12th.. when i did not receive a confirmation email...(medboy i made a order and did not get a payment confirmation...please please make sure medicine mama gets my order,I had one take a very long time to get ,not that long ago...reply by medboy..( no WORRIES. i got your order ..thanks for your order) if people our getting there orders ,who ordered on the 15th,,,come on medicineman order is lost(period)..rember you hand did my order... maybe or just forgot.

  • @whatever1956 so are you saying that the policy should be as long as we ship it??
    If that was the policy I would not purchase from them. Dark Alley for herb not in this day and age. I choose to use MedMan because of their options and they guarantee delivery.
    We stick to their rules just want the same from them without the extra 10 day wait.

  • also not blaming anyone just want the situation rectified per Med Man Rules
    We do not accept returns, however, when you see the quality of the product you will not want to return it! ********If your package does not arrive within two weeks of payment, write to me and we will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to our error or a postal error we will resend (with a bonus) or give you a refund. If the package was delivered, we will give you the delivery confirmation code so you can see for yourself it was delivered, but no refund********. It could be it was intercepted by a family member or roommate and we have no control over that. Also if it was not delivered due to you giving an incorrect address we will not reship. Please double check and be sure to add apartment numbers etc.

  • I think everyone on this site knows what happened to your order .

  • Whatever1956, What do you think happened?
    I'm on this site and I have no idea what happened to JJ213's package. Could you please explain what you mean? I have several different theories pretaining to the whereabouts of JJ213's package. I most certainly do not "know what happened". I won't speak for others on this site but I doubt "everyone" will draw identical conclusions.
    It might be fun sharing conspiracy theories.
    I'll go first..........Where's Hunter Biden? I bet Hunter sniffed out the stash headed to JJ213'S house, smoked half and then traded the rest for hookers & cocaine.

  • Steeledude, send MB a message if you are having an emergency and Mama will send you a little something to tide you over. Sorry you don't have the meds to help you feel well.

    If a postal worker steals the package, we don't have control over that and can't see it if it happens right away.

  • Please enlighten us @whatever1956 since you know. I don’t even know because if you have been reading my post I have received other orders so please tell us.

  • @medmama so if it was taken by postal service your policy is to reship the order is that not correct

  • I am open to reshipping, if you don't get it.. however .... it's hard to tell if it's an actual delay at first or having been stolen. On our end we can't tell the difference in the system which is why it takes so long.

    I am losing money from this and don't want to be stolen from again. I also want to make sure you're getting your meds on time. Please message MB, so we can figure this out together.

    My best guess to resolve this is to get a new shipping address, perhaps through mail forwarding or a friends house or PO Box to a fictitious business name.

    I am definitely here with you and want to solve this so you get the meds on time and I'm not stolen from.

  • I have checked with my post man based on the Usps system and the system says it made it to my post office. I am not in a large town we have had the same postman for as long as I have lived here and he scans all of his packages in and out and he has been looking for this item since it said it was at post office and still nothing

  • That’s what I’m saying... don’t say SHIT to anyone. Especially your “buddy” the mailman.

  • Didn’t say he was a buddy just inquired about package via tracking#

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