has anyone had mimosa shatter?

my next order im picking up a bunch of shatter i just dont know what strain or strains to get, the mimosa looks good in the picture.


  • The only one I can speak for personally is the purple kush and it’s not bad at all

  • Good to know Medmike25, got some purple kush shatter on the way. Saw there were 2 listed, may be a duplicate.

  • @BCWESLEY yea I noticed that as well. However I got 8 grams and it came In two 4 gram increments. As far as I can tell they are both the same. Either way, great product all around

  • Got the purple kush shatter today. Not like either picture. It's black. It kinda sucks & leaves a brown residue on the banger.

  • @BCWESLEY damn that’s crazy mine looked exactly like the second pic

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