Lemon Tree

...and Blue Haze arrived yesterday and today. I really want to recommend the Lemon Tree. Not to throw shade on the Blue Haze--I haven't tried it--but the Lemon Tree is so full of healing flavor I just want to smoke it all day and all night. So I guess I'll characterize it as a heavy-leaning indica that puts my mind in a sativa state. A "best of both worlds" strain if I ever ran across one.


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    George I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Lemon Tree too. One of my fav’s..smells like a lemon bar of soap..vape has incredible flavors..your spot on with the effects..such a great overall strain! Really hope this stays around for a while.

  • I keep coming back to this stuff. Along with Mimosa, this is a great strain to spice up any day. Great way to make less interesting weed better is to mix it with this stuff.

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