Can you split a qp with four different oz’s in order to take advantage of the discounted price or can you only get 2 strains?


  • I dont think you can capitalize on the Qp price, split 4 ways. Qps are offered on the ootdoor, indoor and Greenhouse flower.
    Qps aren't offered on Premium bud anyway. So I assume you aren't inquiring about that.
    Medboy said if you want a Qp of 4 different strains you have to order 2oz of one kind and split it 2ways and order 2ozs. of another kind and split it 2 ways.

  • Here's the rule on it:

    The minimum split is of a half ounce into two quarter ounces.
    Any quantity of flower at a half ounce or above can be split into two strains, but no more.
    So you can split an ounce into two 1/2 ounce bags, but you can't split it three ways or four. You can split a 2-ounce order into two ounces, but you can't split it three ways or four. No bag can be split three ways, no bag can be split four ways.

    So what do you do if you want 4 different strains, one quarter of each? Simple. You put in two orders of a 1/2 ounce each, and you split both of them into 2 1/4 oz bags each

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