Thank You!

I just wanted to say "Thank You Medicineman et al" for your service. I am very glad to see that there are some folks out there that are willing to operate a setup like this for those of us behind enemy lines. As I now wait for the second Wednesday of each month to place an order, I drool over the selection of strains offered.

I have to say I find it a little ironic that back in my youth I consumed cannabis purely for enjoyment, then all but quit because of my career (safety and all that). After I was disabled, and after the struggle with all the meds the docs were shoving at me, I rediscovered cannabis. By using cannabis as a medicine, I am free of those chemicals that were doing me as much harm as good, if not more harm than good. (don't get me started on Tramadol, the evil drug choice of my former doctor).

I made a few trips to the closest rec dispensaries to me in Colorado. The long trips were expensive and tiring. (12 hours one way). The stress of traveling across state lines with a mostly harmless plant didn't help either.

Anyhow, thanks for your efforts and I will be ordering again in the morning, and every second Wednesday each month until the Lone Star State pulls its collective head out of its backside. :-)

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