Outdoor strains

Looking for some input on the outdoor strains from loud . I have never order out door I only do indoor R greenhouse are the strains of good quality and grown with care . Outdoor Durban Poison x Top Skunk cought my eye . Just don't know how old these outdoor strains are if this winter R last thanks for any replay's.


  • I have not had anything but good deliverys from loud with the outdoor and they all were fresh and didn't seem in any way not the usual good stuff you get from MM

  • Always great delivery's from MM. I buy mostly outdoor now & we are always happy. Also looking at the Durban x Skunk or Willy's Wonder. Drat if Jaeger didn't also catch my eye. Hard for me to pick. Any suggestions MM visitors? The only thing I dislike is having limited funds when I visit MM & MB site.

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    @winston. The outdoor is from the winter harvest. Takes a few months to cure right. The yeager was outstanding. Ordered the durban skunk and willies. Outdoor tends to have a better terp and accessory cannabinoid profile than indoor or hydro. The earth and the natural cycle just makes it awesome imho. A proper outdoor beats indoor or greenhouse once again my opinion. Just something about letting the plant develope on its own terms. Try. You will not be disappointed.

  • @gen. The Yeager is/was excellent. See the review and comments

  • Why jaromir? Because it hip checks you down. Lol

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