Empty Vape Carts?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what are the best vape cartridges to fill with Med Mama's syringes? Can this go in the pods? It seems as though the regular cartridges like Mario Carts, Cookies etc. are very difficult to refill.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you!


  • @Kris10 i was using the distillate refills for some time and always heated them in the syringe with a blow dryer and would buy empty cartridges from a local smoke shop, generally u twist the mouth piece off and just fill carefully after the product is heated and less thick. any 510 thread ceramic coil cartridge would work. if the pod is ceramic coil then i dont see why it wouldnt work. wick coils tend to burn out very fast with the vape refills and wont smoke too well.

  • Oh okay that doesn't sound too bad. I've just heard it was difficult to get out and I know those cartridges don't have much of an opening. I bet it does help warming it up. I will definitely try that. Thank you!

  • So I’ve been using a Kandypens Rubi. It comes with an empty pod that is easy to refill if you heat up the syringe. It is similar to a JUUL but better and it hits hard.

  • Thank you Skunq! I will look that one up now. I appreciate the suggestion.

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