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Hi! Does anyone have a good resource for purchasing seeds? Is that A thing I can ask about? I hope so :-)


  • I would like to know, too...

  • Am a new member however been a coustermer since 2013 . I also would like to see seeds offered by medicine man is. If possible I don't know alot about growing . Done a few in past just 1 are 2 females turned out ok but nothing like what I get from this site and there export grow team thanks mm mb and shippers. Also attitude seeds I no are legit and have purchased from before may take a few weeks to rec'd tho

  • Just google seeds and you will find a lot of companies many of which are in Europe ....they're not cheap

  • Finding seeds is easy.

    Finding seeds that take the same payment method as this site, that ship to the US, etc. I haven't researched it lately, and it's not hard, but it'd be nice if someone has a site that takes bitcoin (or even credit card!). The problem is not that it's hard to find's that there are too many options.

  • Gorilla seeds have always worked awesome for me:-)

  • @georgetirebiter yes, too many options, so I figured this would be the place to ask. The occasional seed I have found in my mm bags have always sprouted😀but if someone had a “oh this is THE site to buy seeds” you all would know it. Thanks @Tac

  • When I brought the topic up on a different forum, someone recommended this one, as a United States-based service. Haven't researched it myself, though.

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