What is happening medboy

So i have been a long time customer x 3+ years. I ordered before the sale went up and spent close to $700. Never got a confirmation. Sent my email. Still havent heard a thing. I just want peace of mind. That is all. It has been 4 days after all. I submitted a small 2nd order asking the shipper to please look into the 1st wallet. That one was confirmed immediately per usual. Still havent heard anything back about my larger order.


  • Same with me. I have been ordering since early 2015 or 2016 and just had my first wrong order. Loud didn’t add my two vape carts.

    I can tell you that medboy and the team does make it right. Just hoping to get a discount on my next order for the 110 vape carts! That happened to me once with the price flucation from crypto and medboy gave me my own personal discount code. Hope everyone is staying safe!

  • Buying since 2014. I also just got my first actual wrong order from Loud. Medboy was not too interested, and blew me off.

  • I wonder whats going on. I still havent heard anything. This was March 21st at about 1130am. I just want confirmation that they got my almost $700 period. This is just out of the ordinary.

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    I think I saw something where MB’s email has been down again this last week..good chance he’s catching up on emails or maybe never received it..I’ve had other emails lately disappearing..maybe try sending another

  • I asked him to help me ( or at least lie to me) Friday. Zip I have sent reminders. Zilch.

  • I heard from med boy and he is processing my order! I feel so much better :)

  • He got in touch. That's good.

  • I placed a order last Friday early in the AM about 9am eastern time and haven’t received my order yet. Usually it takes 3 days for me 4 At the latest. I put my order in before the sale so I hope that didn’t mess my order up. Anyone else having the same problem. Got from loud & co

  • Medboy came through. the legend is true. MM and MB always come through.

  • I wish I had $700 to spend on weed.

  • if u got ur order confirmation, you’ll get ur package.

  • Joha i didnt get my confirmation for my original order. I placed a second order that was confirmed immediately. But im in agreement. This company is awesome...if its confirmed...they come through...sometimes it just takes a minute. I got mine in 2 or 3 days from loud. And as for spending money on weed. Its medicine and its what keeps me alive.

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