New stock!

Thanks for the new stock! Really hoping to catch some of that Premium Fruit Loops, I want to take that warning very not-serious and have some regrets haha. Going for variety this time with the sale, never got multiple at once before.


  • PieMan you will not be disappointed! I reordered the last batch of indoor fruit loops and even though it was more leafy..the potency was about equal to the of my new fav’s! What else you thinking about ordering?

  • Definitely gonna give Mimosa a swing finally, maybe some good ol’ Jack Herer. That California Orange looked nice so I might put in for that as well.

  • edited April 2020

    Yeah I was tempted on the California Orange too..that was one of my first vape carts a few yrs ago..great strain! The current batch of Mimosa is excellent..has more of a citrus funk to it..very distinct aroma, flavor, and high..wife loves it!

  • Ended up going with a very wide variety. Will have to update when everything arrives.

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