Tinctures Feedback, and Homemade

Would like to get more away from smoking flowers and try tinctures. Reading up on them it seems fairly easy to make. Would love to try it with some of Med's selections. I know there are a few on the site but not much of a description. Any feedback appreciated.


  • Making a tincture out of flower is pretty wasteful. I keep a jar with alcohol, either 151 vodka or something stronger from eBay, and put my half-finished joints in there. After a month, it's ready to get reduced in a rice cooker. From there I proceed as if I'm making RSO; except I transfer it to MCT oil in a double boil apparatus before it becomes black goo. I double boil it for several hours both to ensure decarboxylation and to evaporate any alcohol and water.

  • The tincture you can purchase from this site is ok for some people; too weak for me.

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