Favorite Strains by Odor & Flavor

Alright, I'm new here for a few weeks but had the pleasure of trying out a few of the strains. My favorite so far, best smelling and tasting are:

  1. Miracle Alien Cookies
  2. Mimosa
  3. Northern Lights (not from the site)

Dj Short Blueberry would be a runner up though. All of them smell so good it makes me want to eat them haha.

What are your favorites?


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    Welcome JDtokes! I’m fairly new myself. Member since last Nov. dropped a few $$$ since then 🤭.. this site is slightly addicting, but much better spent than gambling..95% of the flower on here is straight fire with such amazing characteristics..

    1- Alien OG- I cant stop smelling and smoking these 🔥 budz
    3-Wedding Cake
    4-Lemon Tree

  • Ah yes, I missed out on Alien OG lol. From the looks of the site, the list is dwindling a little bit. Come on paycheck!

  • From the current menu,_ that I've ordered_ from this site:

    1) Fruit Loops (Loud)
    2) Mother's Milk (MedMama)
    3) XJ-13 (Loud)

    Honorable mention to White Cookies.

    Those are my top three; however, I haven't tried Space Candy or Purple Haze or Dolato, which make up my "three most coveted" list.

    Really wish the shipping label for those had appeared for me this morning.

  • Nice list George..I’m really torn about ordering the current Xj-13..I know as soon as I order some amazing premium will show up..the Wedding Cake is tempting too..still have some from Mama..sticky and delicious

  • XJ-13 is more of a niche item for me. When I want to go to my happy elf place, where the people wear antlers, regardless of gender or status.

    I know what you mean, though, about this madness...the ordering cycle. It sucks when you make a nice order and something newer and more intriguing comes along...

  • I try to see the good in all cannabis, especially at times like these.

    Not Grasshopper, though.

  • 1.Mimosa
    2. Jaeger
    3. Citrus Sap (not on here) but if was it’s a must try.

    1. Jack
    2. Tie between mimosa & gelato
    3. White Widow
  • This site:
    1. Sunset Sherbet(flavor,potency,aroma)
    2. Sour Tangie
    3. White Cookies

    San Fernando OG is worth mentioning.(along with several others)

    Awaiting Fruit Loops and Dolato...

  • Bought some chemdawg on Sunday, hopefully it comes Friday

  • All-time on the MM site but in no particular order
    Juicy Fruit (Med Mama)
    Skunk # 1 (Loud)
    Indoor Gelato ( Med Mama)
    Tahoe OG ( Loud ) not the GH they just had but an ID they had a couple of years back
    Recently the SSS and Bluedream from Loud was very nice maybe the best version of BlueDream I've had

  • How could I forget Super Lemon Haze???

  • Tried mimosa last night and it's great for relaxing and has this headyness to it as well that is very thought provoking. Soon I will get to try PGK and Black Lime.

  • I got the Dolato yesterday! Wow! Very impressed. Super fruity smell and flavor. Great buzz that hits you immediately! This one may have krept into my top 3 favorites I’ve got from mm. Also got the wedding cake which was good to. Dolato-4.25/5 WC-3.75/5

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