Website down?

Anyone else having troubles reaching the site at the moment?


  • Yes,maybe there's no inventory left.

  • Could be, but unlikely. Edibles and RSO hardly ever completely out of stock.

  • Yep looks like its down

  • It's happened before. I'm sure it's a technical issue. It'll be resolved shortly..

  • Maybe they are putting new product up on the site

  • Yep the sites down. I sure hope they put up some new strains. They are looking a little bare in that section. I’m not complaining though. MM is awesome!

  • edited April 2020

    Just an FYI that we are experiencing an outage. My tech guy will get right on it when he comes online. Sorry!! We are currently rewriting the code for the site to stop all these outages! As for the strains yes this lockdown thing is hampering us a bit. Good news though is that we will be adding a new shipper soon which means more overall selection!

  • New shipper!! More choices!! Yippee!!

  • I know me some other wouldn't mind buying strains that have a couple seeds in them or mid grade outdoor at a discount....I use to like the trim for sale they use to have but dont donit anymore

  • A new shipper!?!? 🤯 Can’t wait!!! 🥳

  • Another shipper will be awesome! 3x the choices;)

  • I so hope the new shipper will have Thc:Cbd products!!! Fingers crossed!!!

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