CBD Flower / Strains

fyi.. "legal" cbd flower / shatter has been available everywhere (even in illegal states) and is of excellent quality / strains to the discerning consumer. Can be picked up at quality head shops and definitely does NOT conform to the .3% THC rule. They probably send the ditch weed samples to the lab for state testing. Speaking from experience , most of CBD flower would test at ~ 5 - 10% thc level consistently and will get you very stoned for 3-4 hours. These strains also have 15+% CBD so the bodily effects are much greater than normal thc level strains... Expect to pay ~ $12.00 per gram for fresh, high quality flower (aloha haze) and $39.00 per gram for Sativa shatter that produces a quick and heavy 4+ hour stone..


  • The review above was presented as a psa service bulletin for mm customers - given that many head shops are now closed due to state / federal edicts..

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