Strains are back! I'm looking at some Northern Lights and Strawberry Dream, indoor...


  • Don’t you go stealing all that now! Haha, been dying to get my hands on some NL.

  • Not me. Just got a massive salary reduction AND someone's stealing from my Google wallet. That said, I'm still getting a quarter of that NL! I missed it about four months ago, if I recall the timing correctly.

    The only Northern Lights I've ever had is from an Ohio dispensary...and that's just wrong!

  • I was SO CLOSE to getting some Northern Lights after not having had any for years. In the end, I went with the economical zip of all organic Outdoor Agent Orange and a 1/4 of the Premium Miracle Alien Cookies. Like @georgetirebiter my bank account has taken quite a hit, so this order needs to last a while.

    A huge THANK YOU from Texas to MM and LC for all you do!

  • Do I get northern lights or premium birthday cake kush

  • Northern Lights is gone. Hope a few got in on it.

  • Shit. Well, birthday cake it is!

  • Since I was up early this AM and couldn’t sleep I saw the new strains loaded..picked up some SLH and MAC..last batch of outdoor SLH was excellent, but I’ve never tried MAC..seems to be a fav of many on here..

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    Wow completely missed the NL' bummed

    I did get in on some strawberry dream and prem birthday cake kush.

    Had a sample of sd and loved it. I didn't know it has genetics of northern lights so there's no doubt to me why I liked it.

  • This may be a stupid question but how does the pricing work if you buy both a premium and an indoor strain? Do you use the higher-priced strain to determine the discount? I need to figure out how much bitcoin to purchase.

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    You always select the higher cost strain if you want want to do a if you want a 1/4 of premium and 1/4 of indoor then choose a 1/2 of the premium on the order have to specify in the comments section the break down (1/4 of this & 1/4 of that) don’t forget to put no substitutes or otherwise you will probably just get a straight half of what you selected. I’m sure splitting is where inventory can get a little messed up..very thankful for the option..definitely saves a little $

    the medman420 discount right now applies to the whole order..put that in the discount want see it applied until you complete the order...hope this helps

  • Why does the indoor and premium 1/4 have the same price? Anybody else notice that

  • Well since i love outdoor. Went with a zip split between agent orange and headband.

  • I'm considering re-upping on that Super Lemon Haze. I still have a teaspoon of it left, small buds. Too intense for everyday use but I love having it around...

  • I normally do not get sativa's but I went with outdoor SLH and Agent Orange. Thought about the Headband. I wish money was not so limited.
    Honesty, I Just feel blessed mm does this 420 for us.

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