For all those worried about late packages and informed delivery not working- don’t be

I just wanted to let folks know that, having been with Medicineman for years, I have never had a package take the entire 14 days (10 without weekends/holidays)- it had come close a couple times, even like 8 or 9 days. I just got an order that I put in on the 2nd of April and I use informed delivery and nothing showed up the entire time- no shipping label created, and nothing even on delivery day which is unheard of. I was worried, even though this crisis has slowed mail down I was still getting everything else mostly on time with slight delays on some things, but informed delivery was working for most, not all, of them too so I was sure something happened. But as I said, it did arrive (Ive NEVER not had something come btw) so if you are experiencing something similar, don’t worry, it will come, don’t keep messaging Medboy (they WILL NOT check anything until the full 10 days has passed- I’ve tried :-). Obviously the post office is going through some issues and informed delivery is super unreliable, but even if it is delayed, it’ll be there eventually.

All the best- JJ in NH


  • I agree. Unless something unheard of happens they deliver. Always. I have had delays, product sold out after ordering, and much more happen in the years I have been ordering from them. They always make it right.

  • I have had packages go missing but they always make things right as of late I have been using a P.O. Box after the last ghost package and smooth sailing so
    They always deliver

  • Always. :-)

  • Hey JJ, I'm in NH as well. Just got my very first package today. I placed the order on April 2nd. It took a little more than two weeks, but I'm not complaining! Just glad to have it. As everyone always says Med Man always delivers!

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    this is the first time iv had a issue . most of mine will arrive no later than 5-6 days after order is placed and that's been since 2013 I know he will take care of it regardless. Very close to running out of my last order

  • When the shipper was around from Vermont it would usely take around 6 days at most.

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