Your Plans For Getting Baked on 4/20/2020?

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Holy sweet Jesus, that's a lot of 20's! Brothers and sisters, the weed gods expect, nay, DEMAND, that we all smoke extra ganja in celebration of this magical herb. How will YOU be celebrating this year? Joints? Blunts? Bongs? Bowls? Dabs? Edibles? Or will you be doing all of the above and then some? Perhaps mixing other substances in with your experience? I want to know your plans for getting completely fried and wacky off your ass this year!
Myself, I'm taking a bit a tolerance break for a couple days, then on 4/20/2020 at exactly 4:20 PM I plan on taking a massive rip from a bong of Lemon Kush followed by a joint of Sour Tangie, after that, anything goes. May the weed gods bless you all this coming sacred day of peace, joy and love.


  • Sunday tolerance break, waking up at 4:20 AM to take a massive rip of Prem. Fruit Loops, then dabs until we fall back asleep. Following that, after noon we begin bing races, bowl/dab pong, etc.

  • I have a bowl of 3 Kings on deck, set aside in a jar specifically for 4/20.

  • I have to work so no smoke for me on 4/20. But, all weekend for sure and the night of 4/20 but it will already be past the date by time I got off work.

  • Homeschooling by day, hopefully an edible and a sesh after the last bath.

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