Strain Rankings

I'm a relatively new customer to MM but was able to taste a number of strains over the past few weeks. Here's my ranking on the strains I've tested so far.

In order from best to worst:

Indoor Pink Grape Fruit Kush -- This one was a real surprise to me, and perhaps that's why it's number one ranked. Frost covered nugs, perfectly cured/great moisture content. Sweet citrus smell. Nice sized buds with well defined stems. A+

Purple Punch -- Dense nugs. Covered in crystals. Raw piney/gasoline smell. Strong high. A-

Space Candy -- Nice fruity smell. Smaller nugs. Good crystal coverage. Sweet taste. A-

White Cookies -- Small but solid nugs. Great smell but nothing to write home about. B+

Mimosa -- Hate to say it, and probably got a bad batch, but as nice as the nugs look - large, beautiful nugs with tons of crystals and red pistils, perfectly manicured - the smell is so off putting I can't even say it smells like pot, and to me smell is everything. B-

Love the variety and love mixing up strains! Now waiting on Miracle alien cookies and brithday cake kush. Will add them to the rankings once I test them!


  • I agree on the mimosa, I don't know what happened during the curing process or at what stage it developed a funky smell. Everything else about it is amazing. But the smell is not very good at all lol. A jar I had it stored in still smells off and glass usually doesn't hold smells.

    The MAC, you will love. And the smell is amazing, if it's from a similar batch as what I had.

  • Was the smell kind of "wet grass"- dog smell.? Inky even..?

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    Strain Rankings: Recents from MM
    1.Fruit Loops
    2.Sunset Sherbet
    3.White Cookies
    4.SFV OG outdoor
    6.Critical Mass
    (Awaiting NL#5 and others..)
    5th Element was strong but left a funk in my jar that is unbearable

  • @MizterNiceGuy The only way I can really describe it is kind of a sweaty smell or even closer to a girl with citrusy type perfume on who just got out of the gym or from a long run and is all sweaty...lmao..

    Honestly, that's the first thing it reminded me of when I smelled it the first time. It kind of has a soured or spoiled smell but I can still get a hint of citrus.

    The batch of mimosa I got smells very very different from everything else I've gotten from l&c or mm.
    I wonder if it sat next to or was grown close to something else. I read that funky smells can happen from a curing issue, but I doubt that's the case because it is potent.

    The other thing I think it might be close to is blue cheese or a similar type of cheese smell (blue cheese doesn't smell like cheese to me, I'm not a fan). Is there a mimosa cheese?

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    I believe Medmama had some curing issues. 5th Element and Mimosa had that weird sweat wet stank smell. Even my 5th Element, the day after I opened the pack, stored in usual jar, next day it was as if my buds were sprayed with water. Damp, moist, wouldn't breakdown but mushed!.. Let the buds sit/recure and that funk smell was more evident. Like it maybe was spoiled/molded
    Like you said, still "potent" but most definitely off.
    My "wet buds" experience was frightening, to say the least. 5th Element was a "potent" letdown. First that's happened in my 20+yrs of smoking.

  • I didn't get that smell with the 5th Element; however, it's prominent in the most recent batch of Harle-tsu. (I think that's it, at least...reminds me of a weaker version of "gym bag smell" from when I played soccer.) I'm considering throwing the stuff away now that I've got other sources for CBD. Anyway, that's a MedMama product. Mostly I've been smoking Loud products in recent weeks.

    Notes on Recent Loud Purchases

    California Orange: Wow that's some orange cannabis! Also: It gets you high.

    Purple Haze: I'll argue that what I got was not Purple Haze, though it was labeled as such. It's not purple (in color) and it's not hazy (in its effects). It tastes like sweet tarts. It gets you very high, but the first batch I ordered has more in common with "Space Candy"than PH. I have no proof and have never smoked either of those strains previously, so you should probably roll your eyes at me. The product smells and tastes as much like sweet tarts as Fruit Loops does like the cereal. Speaking of which...

    Fruit Loops: Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Indoor, Premium, doesn't matter.

    Alien OG: See Fruit Loops. (I like the Fruit Loops better, for what it's worth, but Alien OG is a "if it comes around, grab it" kind of herb.)

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    Here's what I've tried so far, I feel like I'm missing one on my list though.

    1. Fruit Loops - This one is an absolute must. Definately get it when it's available. Excellent all the way around.
    2. Miracle Alien Cookies - MAC is another one that's pretty good. Great flavor too.
    3. Dj Short Blueberry - Good flavor, nice smell, great for relaxing.
    4. Strawberry Dream - I got this one as a freebie J, I have some on order so I'll re-evaluate when it comes in, but very nice. Great smell and flavor, it hit hard from the start.
    5. Mammoth Skunk - Big buds, smell is great, flavor is good. Need to evaluate by itself to give a fair judgement.
    6. Mimosa - Nice looking buds, high is excellent, flavor is ok, smell is not that great lol.

    1. Lamb's Bread - This one is a cart refill. I would love to try this one in flower form. Great effects. Heady at first then very relaxing. Pretty clear minded in the first half, the later would be great for helping on fall asleep.
    2. Pineapple Dream - This one was the prefilled cart version. Nice effects but doesn't last as long as I would expect. It's a 50/50 sativa/indica strain, would love to try in flower form.

    Live Resin Cart:
    1. Girl Scout Cookies - So far very good. Flavorful and smells good. High is excellent. This is another one I want to try the flower version of. No complaints on this one other than my lungs hate me. This one causes me to cough a lot.

    I've only tried them in freebies, but I have some on order to try. They've been hit or miss, but some came without a label or strength so probably not fair to judge just yet.

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