Lower prices coming!

Cant wait to see what the new prices will be. Maybe we don't need the 20% off after all!


  • I must have missed the "price reduction" news...can you elaborate, please?

  • Quoted on the top of the site. It states:

    Happy 4/20 Everyone! We're extending the 20% off sale until some time today when we switch over to our **new lower prices! **Use code "medman420" when you order! We're still hard at work getting your products out the door. No plans to close though we ask for your patience as our access to supply as well as our shipping times are affected by the lockdown. Stay safe out there! -mm

  • Can’t wait🤣 I found a new site that offers a bit better pricing but haven’t received any goods yet... starting to think it might be a scam... if medman were to drop there prices a bit. I’d say you can’t go wrong choosing them!

  • Somehow I missed that. Thanks!

  • @Fastguy199 Hopefully you don't get scammed. I've found some others out there too that seem like they would be good, but mm delivers and hasn't let me down yet.

    The first place I went before here took me for a sucker. I might as well rolled the money up and smoked it, and I still doubt I would have had more that the bs I got from that site.

    Another one kept bothering me over and over by email which seemed pressured so I didn't go for it.

    I would also be happy with a price drop because I would be able to get more of a variety at once instead of spacing it out over time and missing out on a good strain. On the other hand though, I don't mind paying what I'm paying because I know the site and the products are legit.

  • My first foray into Internet pot was rewarded with..."OG BS" at three or four times the price, badly packaged. It hitchiked from LA, I think. Took three or four weeks and looked like it had been beaten with a hammer. Return address had a name so obviously fake it seemed to have been made up by stoned teenagers. Up with MM!

  • New prices dropping today. Will be about 15% lower than old prices!

  • @Jdtokes I’m right in the boat with you on internet pot Scammer’s... I once lost 250.. thank god for Wells Fargo “fraud” claims lol... in my experience. If they offer stuff for 10-15 dollars with no “minimum order” it’s probably legit. But, sketchy at best.

  • I will let y’all know... I have made an order with 2 other sites (whose names I will not be giving out on this forum).. I’ve heard/read a lot about MM being the only true online dispensary but we shall see :-)

  • Great news!! Very thankful for lower prices!!

  • Medman, Medboy, Medmama and L&C and all others in the chain I thank you for the lower price on our meds. we do really appreciate any help that you give us on this.
    Thank You All for all you do it all helps JJ

  • Lower prices are live! :-)

  • Gotta say, I found this site recently and it has been a game changer. Loved the coupon for 4/20 and now these lowered prices...medman, I kinda love you! Lol Thanks!

  • Med Family making dreams happen. Thank you all for the price drop. Helps tremendously! It's like "4/20" FOREVER!!

  • @medman as a consumer, I love the new changes.. thank you for being For the people!!!

  • Lower prices are great!! I have been a customer for 2 years and the quality is TOP SHELF and you ALWAYS DELIVER. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Last order was great just made another thanks mm and mb y’all are the shiz nitz can’t wait to try diamonds

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