Informed delivery/patience

I've been seeing a lot of various posts about Informed Delivery lately. In my experience, before this whole Corona mess, my packages always showed up on ID a day or two after I ordered and usually arrived in 4-6 days. Now, they don't show up on ID at all but ALWAYS still arrive, usually a day or two slower than normal. Patience, friends... I know it's tough waiting on your package, not knowing exactly where it is... But they are not miracle workers. My two cents? Don't be too quick to complain... Your order will always arrive, and if it doesn't they will make it right. We are lucky to even have something like this during these insane times. Order early, order often

Peace and hope everyone enjoyed their Monday ;)


  • I agree with d33r. Been a long time customer and they always deliver!! My order was slow but arrived as always. Actually on 4/20. The delivery plus hanging with Willie was much needed. Hang in there folks....

  • Just started using informed delivery March 12th so yeah... This is what I'm used to. Packages still come. Happy about the 1/8ths!

  • does anyone know how long it takes to get verified for informed delivery? i signed up with it with usps online but it said to verify my identity I would get a code in the mail and then I have to put it in the USPS site and id be verified but the code still never arrived. its been over 4 days now. From all the comments i am seeing im guessing the mail is slow for everyone

  • @MikeyC how long did it take them to send you the verification code for your account?

  • @d33r thats some great advice. As soon as my order comes in im making another one that same day. Cant be out of bud in these crazy times and I havnt smoked in 2 months !!! im going bananas lol

  • Dunno- wife set it up and included my email. Less than a day.

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