Coinmama payments getting delayed

I ordered on 4/17, and just today I got a notification that a shipping label was created, do I checked. My bank account and it says the payment went trough on Monday, maybe it’s just because of the virus that it’s delayed or maybe it could be my bank account? Has this happened to anyone else?


  • The shipping label created step is slower than normal for me. Hasn't slowed actual transit time though.

  • Nope, Coinmama's been on point for me. Could be your bank account. I know wells fargo really hated my coinmama transactions before I got my debit card Visa certified.

  • Coinmama as great coustemer service email them and they will be able to answer ur question very quickly.

  • Thanks for the help guys, I think it’s just my bank account being slow, hopefully it’s not actually interfering with delivery time or anything, as those strains sold out fast!

  • Yeah just fyi we were really slammed with orders at the end of the 20% off sale so some orders got a bit delayed and we're just catching up!

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