Hi! Noob here! Ok. So, can you guys please tell me this is real? I did a lot of research and this was the most legitimate looking site I could find. I live in an illegal state and my spouse is in the military. So not only does that make it hard for me to get green, I'm also a stay at home mom who doesn't get much adult interaction. So finding a local hookup isn't easy for me. I placed an order last Friday for a sample just to see if it would work. Haven't gotten it yet, which I don't think is abnormal. Just hoping I'm not getting ripped off. Weed helps me with my depression and anxiety. So I'm pretty desperate. Thanks community. Happy to be here!


  • I received my very first order July of 2016 and have ordered just about once a month since then. If you follow the directions to the letter on the site the green gods will always deliver. I have had a few problems before but after emailing them from the site I always got a response very quickly and was always took care of. They do an amazing job and the medicine I get is always A++++. It's kinda scary at first i know but soooooooo worth it.

  • It came!!!!!! I'm over the moon🌙

  • Mine came today! First time order! I’m over the moon too!

  • Have fun curious George!

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