Skeptic no more!

Just received my sample! It's delish! I'm officially a believer. Thank you so much MedicineMan and MedBoy! You are such a great help to me! I'm over theπŸŒ™πŸŒ›


  • I ordered my sample a few days back... i was a lil intimidated by the bitcoin aspect but i did some research, bought some bitcoin and placed the order just like they asked me to, i got payment received notification like 30 minutes after sending it to the wallet... everything seems great... i even was able to find the tracking number for the package by signing into my usps account (free).. i cant wait to receive it and try the sample shatter... looking forward to being a regular customer for life!!! I will def review and comment when it gets here!

  • Followed the advice, and instructions. Received very quickly my sample and free gift. Thanks Gang! The bitcoin thing is where the turn around time plays out. Otherwise you guys seem to be on point. Waiting for my next bitcoin batch to ripen (2 days) to order up again. Like the advice of keeping bitcoin on hand to seize opportunities. Some times too good to be true is NOT a thing. Be Well Y'all!

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