MAC is #1

New bud champion in my household! The Jon Bones Jones of weed has arrived. Welcome premium MAC from Loud!..gonna be hard to beat. Haven’t had any MAC in a while (ordered a month or so ago)..but being a Friday I needed something to ease me into the blue sky 70degree afternoon..being quarantined isn’t so bad 😊

Anywho I forgot how amazingly powerful this bud riding a 🚀 up..and a nice steady parachute down that leaves you wanting more..I really can’t describe how stellar this high is..been a while since I’ve jammed to this is nice..just order 😱



  • Spectacular review, will have to agree 100%. Put me and my s/o fairly up there in the stars, and we started with 3 bowls! That was enough for the entire evening. Been my go-to since it’s been in, wish I’d got more.

  • Nice review I must try it!

  • @superman38NC I love MAC! Your review is spot on

  • Thx guys!..MAC is definitely on another level..I see the indoor from Loud is currently available..I’m sure it’s 👌 too

  • I cant remember if I ordered MAC or Wedding cake from loudnco. California orange and either MAC or Wedding cake. I hope it was MAC based off that review. NUMBER ONE BABY !!

  • I enjoyed my sample J very much!

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    I got the MAC and it’s amazing, I was surprised on how strong it was and I have a good tolerance. I packed a bowl and it melted my brain. This is my favorite flower off the site so far better then most premiums I got off the site.

  • Too many good reviews about this. Trying the indoor MAC this time around.

  • Ok I haven't smoked in 2 months since all this covid crap started. I ordered the Mac and it was beyond great after 2 tokes I was done.

  • Got some too! Surprised it's still up. Would buy again!

  • Hoping to get my order of the latest batch soon! The stuff I had (from a couple months ago) was good to me--excellent, even--but not top-level.

  • I got some of the premium now and I got some indoor on the way. It is a nice nice strain

  • excitd to try that and blueberry muffin

  • I got some Hawaiian punch on the way and some watermelon kush can’t wait to try them out

  • MAC is off the menu finally. Hopefully I got a great looking oz. and not "the bottom".

  • If it's from the latest batch, @MizterNiceGuy , I don't care what part of the bag it's from. Holy damn! In terms of hit-you-with-a-blast-furnace taste and stink, it's tippy top level. A most unusual aroma of exotic flowers and fruit. Makes you consider Jesus right away, as the first hit's going into your lungs.

    Grape Ape was the same way from Loud recently. Excellent Premium product and then it comes back with better indoor. I'll take it!

  • I love MAC! I love the effects I get from it. I'm still waiting on my shipment from loud and medmama, so not sure what I have coming in from the sampler packs.

    I requested MAC for the replacement for the EB issue, but got Grapefruit Kush instead, which was still awesome!

    I'm saving my MAC for special occasions until I get more.

    Here's a pic of the MAC I got a while back.

    image49889070558-9d5e300035-o" alt="" />

  • Im so dumb sometimes. I wanted to buy 4 strains. blueberry muffin and purple kush from Medmama which Im waiting for now. I also really wanted to try master kush and MAC #1 and now its gone... Strains run out super fast. Even though the quality of the pic is not too good I can tell that is some fire fire bud

  • @maryjanelover11 Yeah, lighting and the camera wouldn't micro for me like it usually does. If you right click it and view picture it looks a little better. I've also been having an issue with the pics turning out darker than normal, the buds should be a lighter green than the pic, but it's not too far off.

  • @Jdtokes specially that bottom nug I could make that thing look like a crystal with the right camera and equipment. Im sad I missed out on the MAC :neutral: hopefully they will have it again in the future

  • them orange hairs look real good too. Has anyone tried blueberry muffin? if so can you provide some pics? what about Purple kush ?

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    I just received. Day ahead of ID. MAC & Master. My MAC buds looks like your pic @Jdtokes (minus darkness).So damn beautiful! Loud's display photo was very close. I'll be leaving a review soon.

  • @MizterNiceGuy So it can happen huh? My ID says its coming saturday but Im hoping it comes a day or 2 early

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    @maryjanelover11 yes it can happen. It has before and I'm sure with quite a few others. I.D. Isn't 100% reliable ever. @georgetirebiter "Jesus" sure fell out my mouth during inspect and first hit. Top notch for sure. Still reviewing..

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    @MizterNiceGuy I'm under the impression from looking at loud's pictures, that they alter the white balance and brightness of their pics. The background wouldn't be a glaringly bright white if they weren't. I think that medmama is closer on the actual appearance of the buds, just my honest opinion on that, and I don't think it's a bad thing at all.
    @maryjanelover11 I have a pic of purple kush I'll post up. I received a sample of blueberry muffins that I haven't taken a pic of yet, but I will snap and post one tonight. Kids are up and I can't go digging in my stash for it right now lol. I decided to take pics of each one so I can remember which ones I've tried so I can get different ones in the future. So far, that's about 22 different strains.

    Purple Kush
    image49885915281-2e4c6e0770-o-1" alt="" />

  • @Jdtokes that purp looks nice. Good nugs. Do people usually get bud for free samples ? I only ever get edibles as a freebie

  • I have only twice. I've requested them before but never have gotten them as samples. I've been asking for a free sample nug of anything on the menu or a free joint of anything other than what I ordered. Sometimes I get what I ask for, sometimes I end up with another edible lol.

    The smell on that purple kush is amazing also! I'll review it once I dig into it. I think my next one will be enigma. That one smells odd but amazing.

  • @Jdtokes Lol maybe after a few more orders i will start asking for a freebie here and there

  • I like your project @Jdtokes. Enigma is a good one to photograph. As the name suggests, not much is known about the genetics.

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    My understanding is that you can request a free bud sample .
    I've requested bud samples on several occasions from MedMama with success but I
    have requested the same from Loud with no results .
    There was a post several months ago by Medboy to the effect that we can request a bud sample in lieu of any other free offering made by the shippers .

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