Ordered PreRoll's

I ordered some pre-rolls but didn't see where to choose what I wanted. how do ya'll decide which to send? as far as I am concerned a little bit of everything indoor works for me. I have not had any complaints about any of my orders. I am not that worried about it I was just curious.


  • If you don't put suggestions in the comment box as to your preferences it's shippers choice and they're likely to choose strains where they only have a little left.

  • ok, like I said I don't have any complaints of the product I have received thus far. I look forward to not having to roll it myself. :)

  • Hey received yesterday. they came in tubes I believe I for Indica and S for Sativa and let me tell you. Absolutely Awesome. Thanx Y'all. Great job!!

  • Great!

  • I ordered 20 more but this time I am trying to see which ones I am smoking so I know what to order in the future. but to be honest everything I have received from ya'll has been outstanding.

  • Holy Shit - my order came in and Y'all have my gratitude and admiration. Absolutely Awesome

  • None of my business but... why buy prerolls? I personally enjoy rolling my own joints... it really only takes a couple of hours to learn how to roll a good joint.

  • Some people suck at rolling J's while others like me always get invited to bachelor parties for that reason...

  • @daCabbie Very fair question! I understand all too well, the art of rolling is something some can enjoy, and other cannot. And for some, unfortunately, it can be involuntary to not roll. Many people with arthritis, and other similar conditions, tend to not be able to roll because of their joints(pun lol), bones, etc. My lovely s/o is a person who only can roll from time to time due to the fact she has arthritis! It’s unfortunate, as she LOVES rolling, but she can’t do it often because it begins to hurt. Luckily, she has me! But not all people are that lucky, of course. Hell, I’ll be honest, I will roll up a hemp wrap into a nice fat blunt, but I can only work with cones as far as joints go. And I unfortunately suck at making crutches, so that’s another downside, for some. There are all kinds of reasons though, quite interesting honestly.

  • @daCabbie I order pre rolls as I don't have to worry about getting cones or papers. It is just more convient for me. all I have to do is just grab one and light it up.

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