Med Mammas Premium Hawaiian Punch

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This was a Substitution for an indoor order of bud I placed. What a nice thing to be substituted a premium strain! And is sure is premium. What a nice treat. The buds are covered in crystals, are a beautiful green color, and smokes like a dream. The smell is potent, fruity, almost like juicy fruit gum. Feelings are uplifting, creative, giggly, euphoric, I’m just a little hungry. Definitely helpful for cramps if your are a lady! Thanks med Mamma- From Delaware


  • That looks good can I come over for lunch ...

  • Thanks for reviewing! I tried some of the HH, premium and indoor. They were completely different, but the premium was very good, I thought, and much better than the regular indoor. Unfortunately I was too stoned by the time I got to try it to offer much detail-wise. I am very glad I got to try the premium version of this strain and I hope it stays on the menu for awhile.

  • @tac always! Bring your fave strain.

  • That’s awesome I’m so exited for my order to come I have some of that coming along with some watermelon kush I’ll keep you guys posted on the kush

  • My $0.02:

    Appearance is A-
    Quality: A+

    I really like the taste. Reminds me of a mix between Fruit Loops and Grape Ape. I will probably buy more, but the Premium price is a bit jarring for me. My sample was heavy on leaves and stems.

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    Got some coming this week! Also grabbed some of the GG4 From loud and I’m glad I did because it went pretty quick. More Mac and blueberry coming as well. And sadly I’m thinking about a 2 g sampler🤦🏻‍♂️. It was my idea, after all.

  • I ordered some of that GG4, based on the authority of the menu description. I'd like to know what all the fuss is about.

  • The menu description got me as well…

  • What about good ole Billy Boy,I think Billy had the idea first .

  • Well mine was for more specifically the 2gram sampler not just the 1 gram. But I give Billy the props for the OG.

  • I received the watermelon kush and lion og
    The 1/2 oz of watermelon kush was 4 3.5 gram buds and delicious 😋 if I do say so I only smoke 1/2 spliff and then it was morning definitely indica.
    I will try the lion og after work It looked and smelled great

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