Lodi Dodi

I got samples of this. Smells sweet. Anyone's experience with past batch? Saving for a.m.(sativa dominant)


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    Love it. To me it’s more of smoke it whenever you want it, Or at least until early evening. But I tend to like more extreme sativa’s like Jack H or sour D.

  • Currently enjoying Miracle Alien Cookies which is a sativa kicker but coming towards indica time so I'll try in a.m.
    I am a fan of strong sativa. Trippy. Heart-Pounders.

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    That is definitely an energy boost. No doubt about it. I didnt make my heart pound but there’s some euphoria!

  • @MizterNiceGuy when you say samples did they send it to you for free or did you have to ask?

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    The question up until 6 mths ago I hadn't smoked in 30 yrs but back in the day weed was weed and smoked all day starting at 12. I quit many yrs ago now 56 and just started back because of a med issue that has started I am an all-day smoker but find I have not found the right blend or strain to carry me thru the day I get the Sativa is more of the up and indica is more of the down but the hybrids are both with different blends of the amounts. is there such a thing as a day smoke and a night smoke you guys favor over the others.or should i find a real good heavy indica i like for the night and a satvia blend for the day any ideas would be great.

  • @cmweems1964 I used to do that. Now i just go for the indicas. weed will put you to sleep regardless. Sativa isnt strong enough for me so i always go with indicas now

  • ah yes indicas i think you may have something

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    Sample a.k.a freebie. I should use that term "freebie" @maryjanelover11

  • @MizterNiceGuy maybe its because im technically still new but I only got freebies on my first ever order (so far ive ordered 4 times)

  • @maryjanelover11 I always put in the comments box something along the lines of “ may I please request a sample bud of _______..”..100% fulfilled so far from MedMama..I stopped requesting from Loud..no offense but I like to grind and roll my own..of course I’m very grateful for any freebie..

  • I also have some Lodi and it reminds very much of blue dream..not as hazey..but definitely a great am strain..

  • @superman38NC very similar to blue dream. Less haze more focus. Giving it a go this morning. Not a heart-pounder but a nice upper.

  • If you won't a heart bander not on menu right now it's a popular item every month are so it comes back around . Chemdawg will lay that old school buzz on you swell ur eyes up and ur in tottle hardcore sativa high . Very close to sour d with effect

  • @Tac thanks for recommendations. Chemdog is a all time fav. I'm very familiar with the Sativa family, it was all I smoked in my younger days. Lodi gives you all the right effects. I think I'll grab it up next time it's available.

  • @superman38NC just got my order from medmama. Weed looks and smells great, no freebie. Oh well lol

  • just an observation loud and company puts there freebee separate from the flower medmama does not I found out when I looked saw no freebee then checked the first bag I opened and it was in there.

  • @cmweems1964 i like sour d or Jack h for the day. Or xj 13. There’s quite a few. Doesn’t make me tired at all. Usually go indica hybrids for evening. I’m not a heavy indica person.

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