Effects of edibles I have tried

Loud and Co medicated starbursts:. Feels like mid or energetic. I workout in these.

Med mama gumdrops:. I take these before bed and they let me sleep. Sedating and relaxing.

Med mama gummy bears:. This are true middle for me. More relaxing than anything else.

No memories of the taffy and jolly chip I had.


  • So, you do not remember the night you consumed the Taffy? If so, I cannot wait. Haven't had a single edible work in god knows how many years. Will have to see what the outcome is.

  • I really like the taffy..taste great and seems to kick in a little faster than the gumdrops..They feel like an indica hybrid to me..long lasting body effects..I’ve woke up several times feeling them the next day..they are great paired with a bowl or 2..I keep mine in the freezer..paper sticks but I eat that too..lol

  • That's exciting about the taffy considering the gum drops are OOS

  • I luv the tears! 1-1 or indica!!! Thank you Mamma!!!!

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