More pictures of purple kush

I cured the kush since i got it in a dark drawer and it got better looking and the smell is way stronger. Here are some more pictures. If you like these pics and you want to save them, you can download them. They automatically delete after a month of being up there.

20200516-220538 20200516-220542 20200516-220531 20200516-220534

I used differed settings to take the picture you can really see the trichomes better. Im going to start taking pics of all the strains i get they all look so nice


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    It really reminds me of the premium Hawaiian punch. In terms of how it looks. It looks really really good but maybe not premium? That’s what I’m thinking with the HP anyway. I’m hoping medmama is a little more judicious in what they mark up for premium from now on. JMHO.

  • @Theboyua the more it cures the better it gets

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