Wonderful day! Thx MM crew

Today was supposed to be a tolerance break but that lasted until 10:00am lol..started out with Loud’s Lodi Dodi, then had some of MedMama Mothers Milk OG with added Kief from my grinder (a conglomeration of multiple MM strains)..that’s when time stopped and I realized o’crap..I’m really really High😱..felt like i ate edibles (a bunch of them)..honestly took out some peppermint essential oil and that brought me back to a good place...chilled out and watched Disney’s new Star Wars movie with the kids..it was awesome..topped off the evening with a half J of MedMama’s Girl Scout Cookies..one of my all time favs..such a smooth smoke that really leaves a Cookies flavor afterwards..so after a wonderful day I have to say thx to the entire MM crew for providing some of the best cannabis to us fortunate enough to receive..#Grateful!


  • This site and the shippers have contributed to many good times! Very grateful indeed!

    GSC is awesome. I really love the flavor as well.

  • Good to hear!

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