MedMamas Purple Kush REVIEW

This poor bud... i'm thinking it wasn't stored properly. This shit dry as some fucking Texas tumbleweeds ya'll. And ugly. 5 days with a boveda pack in a dark cool cabinet and it is good as new. Smell is loud, sweet and very skunky. The skunk pops out heavily after grinding. Taste- a bit harsh TBH. But the high is deep, heavy indica and long lasting. Definitely good bud, just needed a little TLC.
I did get a half zip of Blueberry Muffins, but many have reviewed it and you know its bomb. No review needed.


  • Thanks @Blazed. I almost always buy everything with "Purple" in it. This time I didn't. Doubled up on the Blueberry Muffins instead! (Thanks to those who commented on all the other new MedMama strains, also!)

  • Ive taken hd pics of both and posted them up if you want to see them. Im glad you made this post so people can see i wasn't just being a liar when I was saying I thought it was CBD. It really didn't meet my expectation but sometimes that happens its all good. It still gets me relatively high. Its decent stuff not bad at all

  • Just opened mine early. U broke me.

    I love it!! Review coming.

  • Funny mine seems almost too moist 🤷‍♀️

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