MAC and GG #4 + Q

Both are/were great, with a telling gassy smell. I've never had something with that specific gassy smell that isn't good. Grinds into pleasantly sticky stuff that isn't harsh to smoke, with seemingly no ceiling. Both seem to be about perfect, for what I'm looking for. Done.

Of what's on the menu now, what would be of similar quality? Looking to place another order.


  • From some reviews, I’d recommend Grape ape, Watermelon Kush, there are a few decent indicas on the menu at the moment. Personally I’ve had nothing from the current menu, but I do read a fair amount on here. Blueberry Muffin is also a hitter, according to many.

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    Biggest bang for my buck is Grape Ape. 2nd place: Blueberry Muffin.

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