Review: Premium purple kush from med mamma

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I broke down and opened mine early after seeing mixed reviews. Been smoking for 26 years. Pretty heavily.

I really like it. Im verrrrrry stoned off a usual Bong hit. I weigh my hits so i mean usual 😉.

It doesn’t have the blingy fire weed look At all. Lots of the Pics on leafly seem to confirm that this is normal. It looks earthy. Not fuzzy or shimmering with crystals. Don’t let that fool you!

The pics ppl posted look same as mine. But my buds are larger due to the quantity i ordered.

Large moist buds.
Hit was more moist and resiny than most. I had to flame it and pull hard. Does it need to dry more? I dunno, possibly. I don’t know these things. Seems like it.

I know it smells reeally good, tastes great and i feel awesome! This is Perfect medicine and a perfect high for me! 🤩


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    Another reviewer revived his with a boveda pack I think. Said it was much better. He said his was dry and not moist though.

  • Yeah mine is definitely not dry at all.

  • Day two. I can definitely confirm this stuff is packing a punch for me. Definitely no potency issues. I think between being trimmed tight? and needing a little more time to cure? It may not look primo but I’m having trouble finishing this post...🤩

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