Pitcher of chill?

Anyone ever try the whopping 500mg pitcher of chill?


  • I have a packet of that and the jello. You have to boil it on the stove top than chill it In fridge. I have both my college kids home because of Covid. Boiling will stink up the whole house. Looking forward to trying it if kids ever go back to school!!

  • I’ve used that product in the past. Tastes great but I had to drink quite a bit to get the desired effect. I find Med Mama’s other edibles to be more cost effective and easier to dose appropriately.

  • Gotcha. Thats exactly what I was wondering is how it tastes and how much to drink lol. I like edibles for flights and was thinking about drinking some omw to the airport but I may hold out for more of the gummies instead of trying to dose 100mg out of 500. Thanks for the info. Last time I went to Oregon I drank a 50mg magic number before leaving and it was nice but 100mg for me would have been what I was looking for.

  • Also, didntt think I would need to boil it thanks for the info

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