Master Kush

I told myself I wasn't going to talk this one up because it is an all-time (20yrs plus) favorite.
I'll just say it isn't called "Master" for shits & giggles. I'd say 80/20 indica dom. The high sets heavy in the body but functional. It leaves your mind focused versus lazy/tired like Northern Lights. My grab came with fat, tight, shimmering buds. Thanks to @LoudnCo for delivering.



  • Glad to know it doesn't disappoint.

  • I was sure I put this down on a sampler, I'm hoping it comes through. Sounds 💣

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    Master Kush

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  • @MizterNiceGuy Excellent pics!

  • I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks for the preview.

  • Nice 😍

  • I open the bag and am surprised to see...smalls. Not a problem, they are top-level potent. And delicious. Mellow and fine, the buzz...

  • I wish my master kush would have look like that I got a half ounce bag of popcorn buds

  • I'm sorry to hear that @LilWitchyGrl and @georgetirebiter . All my buds looked like the picture. I grabbed a oz.

  • @LilWitchyGrl @MizterNiceGuy the half ounce I got of MAC is mixed between medium/small nugs but I don't really mind the stuff is fire all nugs are frosty af

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    @maryjanelover11 smalls are what got me hooked on this site. I don't mind them. The last batch of MAC was med/large and the new batch looked similar according to @OneLove photos of MAC. At least you got ahold of some MAC. I'm sure it's plenty potent. I'll grab up more Master & Mac if it's available in a month..

  • Yeah it was def a mixture of med/large for me

  • I got the MK about a month ago and it was awesome!
    My buds were mostly medium sized I would say and I got a quarter of it. My Space queen nugs were bigger but no complaints on either

  • Nothing like enjoying the last gram of your favorite(Master Kush!). Until we meet again, my love.

  • Easily one of my favorites as well

  • @MizterNiceGuy i just finished what I had as well..wish I had ordered more.

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    @LoudnCo has done it again( so have I😅). Its been a good long time since Loud has offered this beauty. I finally got my order in and can't wait to add it back to the collection.

    Update: Just fell off the menu🤢😰

  • Man if split is honored definitely won't be upset with it and hopefully strawnana is up there as well

  • @Vapedad78 ordered Strawnana as well. Can't wait.

  • curious to see how this batch looks! i had a batch from Loud a long time ago that was great! not like.. hall of fame status, but the particular batch i got was very unique.. very chocolatey terps, even for MK

  • Master is great! The buzz n chunk buds. I got a zip n happy. Very heavy like OG Kush. Im thinking of HOG or ice cream cake GH. But idk. Any personal opinion. I may get more Black Jack. Not sure how much sativa but i like that strain. Its at dispen rite now.

  • But Black Jack wud be $400 for zip. Buying tenths or 5.66. At store .....Thats why I love this site. Black jack is great. Smells like cat piss. I love the buzz. I just want to try others but I'll b thinkin BJ is great. I'm greedy now lol. Like many choices. Hope everyone is having a good night. Motley Lue 🌲🔥💨

  • I got the Master Kush and Indoor Breathwork and both are incredible ! Great Stoney high on both very relaxing effects. Breathwork is really tight buds awesome medicine

  • I have been eyeing breath works. I saw a pic someone posted n it looked amazing. I got master kush bc I love it n I knew it wudnt last long. Thanx for info @icdeadpeople

  • This batch is 🔥 just as i remember. A functional indica with a mood enhancement.
    No typical sativa discomfort.

    I love this strain!

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    Very nice! @joha I didn’t jump on that because last batch put me to bed lol. Batch before that was like what you described here. Good 4/20 grab 😎. It’s been really hard to decide lately

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