MM popped my cherry

First time customer and first time ordering mailorder cannabis. I bought the 4g shatter "sampler" 😂 of true OG. Lets just say I am pretty impressed and baked lol. The shatter is pretty good, the taste is nothing to write home about but it is definitely indica forward and I am ripped and happy! I Had a dab and some hits from my wax pen. I am looking forward to trying some of the strains and some of loud's shatter! Thank you MedMama and MM and MB!


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    Just curious, but you got a 4 g sampler of the same strain?

  • Lol no sry thats not what I meant. I was trying to make a joke and was high when I wrote that. I bought 4g of one kind (155). They sent the freebie joint as well. Ordered on friday and had it across the country today.

  • I still have Medmama's Cookies wax. 8g. Was my second or third order ever. Potent. I have yet to try any of their shatters. Enjoy and welcome to the club! @nefgreen

  • Only tried dabbing one time. Was so high I felt like I was on fire. My 10 minute drive home took 2 hours as I was lost on the interstate somehow.

  • I had their South Fork Kush (SFV OG x Chemdawg) and it was great, left me very high, but I can see what you mean, it didn’t leave much flavor for me either, maybe if I was using a more proper setup.

  • Lol yeah my first time dabbing I felt like I was fighting for air! I have grown to like them more than bud sometimes because I feel like the smoke is cleaner and I love the intense high. I use a quartz banger for dabbing and try to keep the temperature on the low side and you can usually taste a lot like that. Wax pens are nice too if you get a decent one; love using mine in the yard!

  • @nefgreen i was confused. Lol. You dead on about low temp dabs, they the best. I had to quit the concentrates though, tolerance got too high. Couldn’t get high off flower anymore and I just love flower too damn much. I’ll still dab once every few weeks and the high is a whole other level but I find that for me it’s better to keep it as a every now and then thing.

  • @nefgreen welcome to MMD!

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