Is it just me or is Super Lemon Haze really, really good?

Loud put some Super Lemon Haze out there at the end of last year/beginning of 2020. I found it to be one of the top herbs I've ever smoked. I bought an ounce and nursed it like a squirrel that never got nuts as a child. THEN: It disappeared. And I was sad.

Recently it came back on the menu. You know the book title, You Can't Go Home Again? It was like that. I had hoped to get back exactly the same outdoor-grown batch, and exactly the same experience. This time, the herb looked different, tasted different, had less dramatic effects. I shelved it.

Today, I tried it again, after having let it sit in a Mason jar timeout for most of May. Damn it good! It is so good, I don't care about the punctuation in the previous sentence. I think I was blinded by my expectations. I didn't see the inner beauty of this herb. Glad I woke up to it, though.

It might not be the same stuff from last fall, but it's got excellent punch and flavor. Frankly, I think it compares well with MedMama's Super Silver Haze. I really wouldn't want to have to give up either one for the other. Both are excellent sativa-dominant strains, but for the price this one feels like good value to me. Recommended!


  • @georgetirebiter Nice! I have a little bit that came with an order. I'll have to break it out and try it.

  • @georgetirebiter I really like the Super Silver Haze, doesn’t leave me with as much of a energy buzz as I’d like with a sativa, but it’s got mountains of kief on the buds, a nice mid day smoke

  • I literally just opened a quarter I ordered on sunday and smoked some and I like it a lot!!! I had heard mixed reviews on this one but I am happy especially at the price point. I bet it was even better when it was smokes good and the buds are really dense and have a good amount of frost. The taste is good too but not in your face. Cant wait till october to try more outdoors buds when they are super fresh!

  • Def a nice energetic high

  • When I first found this sight I believe it was the prime of outdoor strains, (when Jaeger,AO, etc were prodominant) and I really enjoyed them, I as well am very optimistic for the later half of this year, to bring all those wonderful outdoor strains, can’t beat $215 an ounce!

  • Purchased a bunch of Super Lemon Haze during the April sale. It’s held up as a daily smoke, along with some agent orange, for over a month now. Great stuff.

    Looking forward to a shipment of Master Kush in the next couple days.

  • Super Lemon Haze has been my #1 for over 10 yrs..few diff pheno’s out there but I haven’t found any I didn’t like.. @georgetirebiter i too noticed the difference between the same batches..and also discredited the last as less quality..until I tried it as well..“inner beauty” is a perfect description! I’m sure the latest batch is 🔥

  • @georgetirebiter I also got some of that bud it was great but this new batch didn't have the same taste as January batch I guess I will try what you did and see if it taste better thanks for the info Jerry

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