How many people here actually want CBD dominant buds over THC?

I personally prefer anything that is 20% or higher in THC. Does anyone here actually buy CBD from here? What exactly are you getting out of it? It just seems that Medmama has all these useless strains right now. In my opinon


  • I don’t care for it either but I just keep scrolling cuz there’s always good stuff too

  • I do smoke cbd bud. I use it as an extender to mix with knock out strains and by itself for the warm relaxation and fluid joints. I get my thc bud from MedMan. But i get my cbd buds. Less than .3 thc elsewhere for much less.

  • Here only for THC weed. I can get high quality CBD weed from off tryplainjane. Com for way cheaper than here more quantity and better quality too. Not dissing MM or anyone I just think that MM needs to know that the competition for online CBD weed is stiff when it comes to this other website. But, as far as THC weed goes, Medicineman has the best if not the only trustworthy site to buy from.

  • I love how much we are focused on medicine when ever you are on the site. I just think they need more THC weed suppliers. Im not a fan of a shipper that only really makes CBD.

  • CBD strains sell very slow and THC heavy ones sell very fast and that's why when we're between batches you'll see lots of CBD strains..because they tend to stick around for a while.

  • Is there a certain day new batches drop 😊 I’m checking daily

  • @suchacutie89 @medmama @medboy @medicineman Your guess is as good as mine or anybody elses....usually though we get a heads up in the forms if someone asks so thank you for asking 😊

  • I was. I had interest in the 1:1 bud a little, but haven't seen too many good reviews. I am not sure if the reviews stem from receiving the 1:1 bud when they had ordered THC full bud or if the product wasn't as strong as traditional THC bud for users with a higher THC tolerance. I was looking at the CBD ratio bud because I found that adding CBD to my THC still gets me high depending on the ratio, but doesn't leave me with as many of the negative side effects that seem to occur if I smoke straight THC. I have been buying my THC heavy bud here and using CBD buds from elsewhere and just making my own blended ratios after grinding. I was going to perhaps look into purchasing the 1:1 or 1:2 CBD:THC buds here to save me the time of having to mix my own, but I have heard from a few folks on here that I may be better off doing what I am doing so as I can customize the ratio as I see fit and/or save money on CBD rich bud by getting the CBD bud elsewhere and mixing with the THC I get from here.

    Mixing the CBD has also been a great way to make my THC bud last longer.

    All of my vape carts are CBD:THC ratios. I tend to use those more often in public or where I have to be functional to a higher degree and the blends make it so I still get a buzz and elevated but don't completely zone out and/or become unable to complete tasks. While I will likely keep mixing my own ratios with bud, I would likely still buy vape carts on here that were 1:1, 2:1, 1:2, etc. when my current stock gets low. I vacationed to SD and LA twice last year and each time filled up a duffle bag to fly home with full of vapes and edibles, so I still have a bit left. I had been sort of using them sparingly before finding this site and not knowing when id be able to buy more.

  • @suchacutie89.'s pretty random...

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    I think I am like most people here, I come here for the hard-core stuff. :) I just find that I now have to be more careful when ordering to make sure I am not ordering CBD bud.

  • It is a dispensary. Some may need more CBD than THC for medical reasons....I don't see a problem.

  • I'm a Cbd:Thc kinda gal. As I've gotten older, I've become super sensitive to Thc for some reason.

  • I just want all THC. lol

  • The CbD bud from MM is rolled in a THC distillate and then THC Keef. CBD/THC Moon Rocks.

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