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  • ilikedogs

    Hi. I just switched from Coinbase to Coinmama/ZenGo app (only with my last order did I start to have issues with Coinbase). Anyway, I just ordered with you all and when I went to send the funds from my ZenGo app to your wallet (38t3MH2vyHEb4G1uLncPXwRvjM7yZeRGsM) I could not find the field to enter the exact BTC amount (On the Coinbase site it was right there next to the dollar amount). That said, I believe I sent enough for my order, but please let me know if I need to send more. I will better familiarize myself with the Coinmama/ZenGo app for my future purchases. I apologize for any inconvenience.
    Thank you all for the services you provide.

    March 12
  • 1Vietwarrior


    I tried coinmama about 6-8 months ago and everything went well until I finally received information that my request for an account was denied. Do you think, or to your knowledge, will coinmama allow another try at setting up an account or am I being rejected even if I try again with better and clearer paperwork(license/selfie)?

    I did set-up an account and a wallet with paypal. Can I use them to send you the bitcoin after I set up a purchase. It has been difficult since 'Circle' is no longer a viable option plus I only have a table top computer to use.

    I have also been paying a computer tech to attempt getting me back to the point I can again get meds from you. He charges $70/hr and after 2 results.

    I appreciate any feedback you can offer.

    In your debt.

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    January 24
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    • Bertman6753
      The computer tech is ripping you off ,,
      You don’t say why you were denied,, I’m assuming yur documents were blurry ,,
      Doesn’t matter if Yu use a pc or a mobile device ,, try again with more legible documents,, if it’s hard for you to read,,, your prolly gonna get denied AGAIN,, if you can’t see very well,, get someone to help you!