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  • PwnappleXpress

    First time buyer who has been ripped off by another site not too long ago until I stumbled upon this one and decided to give it a shot to renew my faith in humanity. I ordered on the 17th and then see a shipping label was created on the 20th, but a week later still says it has not been picked up by USPS. Is it possible my package was mistakenly not sent out after the label was created? I can only assume the tracking number from informed delivery is in fact the tracking number from Med Mamma as I am not expecting any other packages and its coming from cali. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen to them and then by some divine miracle had their package show up on the 13th day? I am not questioning the validity of this site just curious if because i did not use the last 4 digits after my zip code (zone code) could this have caused a problem? Unfortunately cannot email about a lost package until this coming Sunday which will be the 14th day but not having my medication for this long is hurting me.

    November 27
  • Winston

    Talking about sample packs a couple yrs back you offered a 1/8 of high grade indoor for 75 I think that would be a fair price for now to . Thanks for all your help and for the service you provide

    November 21