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  • Five12Man

    I emailed you this morning, my package was returned w/o delivery a week ago. Informed delivery confirms it never came to my house, it was scanned over 20 times. Sent this same message to medman on here, but you seem more active.

    July 3
  • WDEgkj

    I ordered something from y’all and got an email saying didn’t receive bc and I sent the pic of the receipt so plz help me out

    June 1
  • mpou10

    I want to apologized for my post from yesterday. It wasn't my intention to insult anyone or put them on blast. I made a mistake of expressing my feelings/frustrations and that shouldn't have happened. I also don't think is fair that I get jumped on for that. I tried to delete the entire post and I could not. If you can deleted that is great. Once again am so very sorry, Thank you foe your help, this will never happen again. Have a great day and thank you fo all you do.

    May 27
  • TheCaptain

    I'm so sorry bro! My original order just showed up today, so if you haven't processed the replacement shipment or it hasn't gone out, please cancel it. I am really sorry for all the trouble; I hope I wasn't too late. I know you are closed today, but I sent an email to you through the contact form on the website just to make sure I get the message to you asap. Thank you guys so much for all you do. Customer Service is 100%; product is 100%. Really appreciate everything!

    May 16