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  • I agree, Cash App seems to be the easiest option. Except only that it's a little tricky to figure out how to send BTC from their app. These instructions are very helpful:
  • Thanks so much for the review! We always want to know how we're doing. Winston is right, it seems to flip back and forth at times. We strive to make sure that every package is quality but your experience shows that we're not perfect at it. I'll p…
  • Yes, sorry I apologize to everyone about this weekend. It truly was a perfect storm. Our email server went out on Friday and then our whole site went down. Everything is now working again, sorry for the delays everyone! To make matters worse, FYI…
  • It certainly did happen in transit, it's an issue we see often during the hot months. Our shippers have tried everything but there doesn't seem to be any way to prevent it. The good news is that potency is not affected. THC needs much higher temp…
    in Edibles Comment by medboy October 15
  • Thanks for your review! We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, and this review has some of both so thank you. To be totally honest, we get this kind of complaint about edibles far more than any other form of MMJ we offer. This is…
  • Sorry for the hiccup...
  • Awesome review! You're welcome and thank you for your order!
  • BC Wesley basically has it right. In fact some of our Premium strains are grown inside greenhouses and others are grown indoors. Using advanced greenhouse techniques it's possible to get the same level of quality as indoor. It all depends on the ski…
  • Sure did go fast! It's hard to keep our most popular strains in stock so it helps a lot to already have Bitcoin at the ready instead of first seeing what you want, then buying the Bitcoin.
    in Comment Comment by medboy October 15
  • Our shippers are already looking for more but it's very hard to keep them in stock so you have to act fast!
  • FYI, Med Mama's power got shut off as part of the blackouts in California so many of her orders are delayed. Sorry about this...
  • Not at the moment. I'll pass the suggestion on to the shippers though.
  • You can sometimes see this kind of effect even when our site is working perfectly. Informed delivery doesn't always work right, unfortunately. And yes, Hamgreen, feel free to write to me through the contact form.
  • I do, as soon as I find them.
    in Spam posts Comment by medboy October 10
  • Lots of strains have THC levels that high these days. Better luck not trying to find such a specific strain but rather look for something with a similar THC profile, like our Premium strains.
  • Durban is a unique landrace that can be difficult to find. I'm asking the shippers if they can get it.
  • Good point. I've sent this to Loud for his comment.
  • They're about equally fast these days.
  • 2 more days to clear the backlog, which should be clear now.
  • Thanks for your order! Our manual orders got backlogged by 2 days, that's why you don't see it. It was a rough week for us but we're finally out of the woods now. Sorry for the delay.
  • Yes that's right. She's back today!
    in Vape Oil Comment by medboy October 4
  • I know it looks weird but this is actually normal, don't worry. We programmed our site with a maximum number of orders per day for each shipper, so that they don't get more than they can handle. Because we had a backlog of customers waiting for the …
    in Med Mama Comment by medboy October 3
  • Typically, exchanges will only make you go through that kind of delay once, on the first transaction. That's so they can verify your ID. After that, trades are usually conducted within hours, if not minutes.
  • Wow, a year already! Thanks to all our awesome forum members.
  • It's working now!
  • Not yet. We're still working on it.
  • Regardless, this will have to wait, alas. First priority is to get the order form working again...
  • Here's our order form: Right now we're performing work on the BTC order form but we can take automated orders for Litecoin. If you prefer Bitcoin, then just email me through our contact form.
    in new Comment by medboy September 30
  • Welcome to Medicineman and sorry you got scammed! Yes I recommend you start with the sample gram. When the package arrives, prepare to be shocked. No, we don't move weight. 4 oz is the largest order we're willing to ship. Please let me know if…
  • These are great ideas, thanks! At the moment we're swamped with trying to fix our order form. Once that fire is put out I'll pass on these suggestions to our tech team.