Only the author can and I've asked both of you to do this, so hopefully when he/she comes online they'll take care of anything on yours. -MB


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  • Lets all take a big breath together Our normal policy is packages within 10 business days. That goes for the same here, there is nothing we can do besides wait and watch tracking. However, if you have been part of the Med Fam for a while you know …
  • Looks like this is happening to a bunch of packages shipped at the same time. Happy is aware and monitoring the situation. If there's truly an issue and packages don't route properly, it will be handled.
  • Congrats @TabulaRaza !
  • @Vapedad78 The amount of emails I have been receiving about I.D is nuts. The past month it has been completely unreliable from what I can tell.
  • @Flapples I got you covered!
  • Just bumping this up so everyone sees it. Only a few days left!
  • @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic @HappyTrees
  • You cannot compare shipping between companies. The speed of your delivery is based on the USPS hubs they travel through. I wish more people understood other than the time it takes to get the package fulfilled and sent out, businesses have NO control…
  • @Haulover I have replied. Always only send 1 email, we will get to it.
  • @Southernbellesmoker Yes! Just add in the comment section: "PLZ SPLIT VAPES - (4)Strain (2)Strain (2)Strain" Just remember each strain you choose must be from the same shipper and the shippers will do their best to accommodate you!
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  • @Mr4Sher We are aware of the price discrepancies on the order form. We're working on trying to fix it!
  • @Haulover Just pulled your order and sent it over for tracking, i'll shoot you an email when I hear back!
  • @Crazycris @Trippy I promise you I guarantee your labels have been made and your packages have gone out. We have been seeing this A LOT in the past 2-3 weeks with I.D. No labels showing up, shows it hasn't moved, or stuck on USPS accepted package un…
  • Thank you! Pride myself on being somewhat of a Customer Service super hero hahaha
  • @ChunksEggo8187 The shippers have no problems reading instructions. Splits are not 100% guaranteed as it says on the site and the numerous times I have explained it here. Our stock fluctuates daily and as I've said before just because something is o…
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  • Good luck everyone and remember you need to add a comment to your order to be entered!
  • @ChunksEggo8187 Yes ID has been terrible lately, having this issue with most packages no matter the shipper
  • @MerlinsMagic Can you advise on the gram per pre-roll question? For the drop down issue, I've reported it, technical problem I can't seem to fix.
  • @OzBaxter I was a bit confused there as the price cuts that were implemented in November are very much still up. I added the little note about the Cake Vape carts because the picture is of the packaging, of 10 vape carts, I already knew I would b…
  • @Trippy Always email me first, as this is something that I can easily take a look at. If your email is a Yahoo email, that's the reason. I think I did respond to your email.
  • @MerlinsMagic
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  • @OzBaxter I've noticed lately with some orders that USPS accepts the package but then takes another 4-6 days for an update. I've had a handful of tracking requests this week that we considered lost but then it will just randomly update.
  • That's odd, Thanks for the heads up!
  • @Rockafire Much better 😂
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  • I mean you forgot the most important person here, but it's nice!
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  • @907ak420 I emailed you.
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  • This doesn't happen often but sometimes mistakes are made. As I said in my email it was just a mix up between 2 orders. Enjoy the free product, your correct order will be on its way shortly!
  • Interesting, I have gotten emails about this in the past, now I know why.
  • Yes, just add to the comments section "PLZ SPLIT VAPES - (1)Strain (1)Strain". If the shipper has both strains in stock they will honor your request.
  • The conversion isn't off. The price is based on the exact price of BTC at the time you click "Submit". BTC can change minute to minute, second to second. It could change between the time you place the order and the time you check the BTC price withi…