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  • @Southernbellesmoker Yes, just because something is off of the site that does not mean it's gone forever, just means they are out of stock. Merlin's restocks often, don't worry they will be back!
    in MED MAMA Comment by medboy August 12
  • @Southernbellesmoker The popcorn buds from @LoudNCo are the odds and ends of what are left over from multiple restocks. Basically the bottom of restocks that accumulate over time. We apologize if it was that bad but it's not meant to be top notch bu…
  • @Fallguy I'm not sure where you emailed but I just looked up your email history and have received a total of 0 emails from you. Either your emailing the wrong email or your replying to our automated emails with this issue which don't go to my inbox.…
  • @OneLove Good idea. Updated!
  • @philabol I got an email from another customer saying the same thing. I emailed Merlin's about it and that is why it's discounted now.
  • If your looking into Premiums, I have been getting GREAT feedback via email on Premium - Gelato 41 and Premium - Caramel Cake.
  • @Vapedad78 is correct.
    in MED MAMA Comment by medboy August 11
  • @GrimReaper05 The shelves (GH, Outdoor, Indoor, ect.) are all determined by the environment the bud was grown in. The price points are based off what our vendors pay. They usually try to find good deals on products so they are able to pass that deal…
  • Sometimes the shippers miss one here and there, nothing against you, not on purpose, it just happens.
    in No freebies Comment by medboy August 10
  • @907ak420 We have spoken about this IN LENGTH. We have re-shipped half of them, and nothing ever gets to you. We can not keep shipping into the void. You need to work this out with the USPS. We will not refund after we have sent out 4 packages and 3…
  • @justaguy Hmm, I'm wondering if it's for tax purposes, as for asking for the I.D. I know the limit for no taxation is 8,000 and heard they were going to start cracking down and pushing for more regulation of BTC.
  • @Southernbellesmoker Take a look at Loud's vape menu. Just added a bunch of Vape carts and Live Resin disposable vape pods.
    in Vape 101 Comment by medboy August 9
  • I'm pretty sure they are. Just like any other disposable vape. @LoudnCo is that correct?
  • @C4rrie20 It is likely moving and just not being scanned or the I.D isn't catching it. Man, I hate I.D.
  • @LoudnCo
  • @Southernbellesmoker WA
  • @Lowcole It CAN work, the problem is it's not consistent. Mostly depends on the USPS hub doing the initial package scan and if they're on their A game.
  • We miss them too! Not sure on a return date. I haven't heard never, just unclear on details.
  • We know about the pictures. We are currently waiting to receive new ones.
  • Multiple labels have been popping up for single packages. We don't know why, that's not on our end, but they do discard once the package starts moving.
  • @Limonene The few strains that @MerlinsMagic discounted we decided to discount because they are now VERY low in stock.
  • Thanks for the compliments! Loud N Co and Merlin's both do everything they can, within reason of course, to make sure our customers are satisfied. We appreciate your business!
  • @superman38NC Merlin's has a bud add on. @MerlinsMagic Shall I add a bud sample pack also?
  • @MigraineWarrior79 @MerlinsMagic Done!
  • @Mr4Sher I was being sarcastic. No worries.
  • @mann They go so fast!
    in Shrooms? Comment by medboy July 28
  • @Mr4Sher Well I guess now I know who sent me that rude email. @TheProfessor is correct.
  • @Ipk2a1 I have gotten similar emails. I wonder if they changed their policies. You can buy, sell, and send BTC via Cash App. However, when sending BTC via Cash App do not use the wallet address as a cash tag. When sending BTC via Cash App, go to the…
  • @superman38NC Yes, you can split wax. Just add in the comments section: PLZ SPLIT - (2g)Sugar Wax + (2g)Sugar Wax Although split requests are not 100% guaranteed, the vendor will do what they can!
    in Wax Split ? Comment by medboy July 26
  • @Higheveryone23 It looks like a bunch of packages weren't scanned. It's always the same hub that we have issues with. Keep an eye out and remember to contact me if 10 business days go by and no package.
    in Loud shipping Comment by medboy July 25